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From contracting services to school assemblies, small group instruction and 1-to-1 counseling opportunities,

we are on a mission to educate, guide and empower students towards more fulfilling, successful and dynamic futures.


Parents, students and staff are under attack- for their time, attention and learning opportunities. Social media, billion dollar targeted marketing campaigns and eons of information available at our fingertips are all influencing the behaviors that are being established in our homes and schools. These often are not ones we are decisively and overtly putting into action but often rather just responses to the ever increasing stimuli in the world around us. The opportunity to hit the reset button in our families, schools and classrooms while having meaningful discussions that will direct us towards where we want to be in the future is something you can take advantage of today. Making the choice to work with a skilled member of our teamis one which will only add more to your tool-belt as you continue on your paths towards excellence. At BehaviorRx, we are driven to be a force in helping better equip children and the leaders in our nation's homes and schools.

With foundations in serving students with exceptional needs and behavioral challenges, we have found great passion and purpose in choosing how we communicate with others, how we make decisions to communicate about things that matter most, while always looking for opportunities to recognize, appreciate and empower

the good in others and in the world.

Whether it comes to children we work with in the classroom, through a computer monitor, or those who work with us and for us, we are passionate about dedicating ourselves and our resources towards developing greatness in each of us.



We are Your Partner in Creating Successful Communities