From contracting services to school assemblies, small group instruction and 1-to-1 counseling opportunities,

we are on a mission to educate, guide and empower students towards more fulfilling, successful and dynamic futures.


Parents, students and staff are under attack- for their time, attention and learning opportunities. Social media, billion dollar targeted marketing campaigns and eons of information available at our fingertips are all influencing the behaviors that are being established in our homes and schools. These often are not ones we are decisively and overtly putting into action but often rather just responses to the ever increasing stimuli in the world around us. The opportunity to hit the reset button in our families, schools and classrooms while having meaningful discussions that will direct us towards where we want to be in the future is something you can take advantage of today. Making the choice to work with a skilled member of our team

 is one which will only add more to your tool-belt as you continue on your paths towards excellence. At BehaviorRx, we are driven to be a force in helping better equip children and the leaders in our nation's homes and schools.

Shane Mosley, M.Ed.

Shane Mosley is native of the south-west, having lived in California, Utah and Arizona. He and his wife Nikki, have 6 kids, which are all less than 8 years apart. Their family recently relocated to the Phoenix area, in great part to raise their children in the area which has been widely known for its superior public education programs.

In the years following two years of service work in Central America, Shane completed a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Mild/Moderate teaching credential in Special Education and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership at California State University, Chico. Family systems theory and behavioral approximation were lasting principles that have helped shape his relationships and educational practice. For a portion of that time spent studying, Shane spent five years teaching elementary, middle school and high school students diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders. His self-developed program became recognized regionally for its success in helping some of the most challenged students find success and flourish. Shane was also privileged to serve as a board member for a non-profit group focused on providing services to students with exceptional needs and their families. It was in these environments that he more deeply recognized and became passionate about finding, simplifying and sharing tools for success in life for his own children and those he taught. Human performance, growth and development have become and are ongoing focal points in his lifetime pursuits. Other qualifications include:

  • Additional Years Spent Teaching Physical Education, ESL, and Students with Emotional and Behavioral Problems

  • Hired as an Administrator for a Non-Public School

  • Lead 6 Educators in Developing a Week Long Training Course and Manual Delivered in Guatemala to Teachers and Administrators

  • Speaks fluent Spanish

  • Avid cyclist, having completed various endurance races

  • Certified Advanced Trainer with the Nurtured Heart Approach

  • Presenter in various Public and Charter School, University, and Professional Settings

  • Collegiate Volleyball player and Youth Volleyball Coach

  • Worked for, held Leadership Positions in and was in Top 10% of Performers at 2 Fortune 500 Companies

Nikki Mosley, ​​M.A. CCC-SLP

Nikki Mosley has served in a variety of academic settings from non-public behavioral schools, to public schools to charter schools and in between​. She has been asked to fill a variety of leadership roles and has trained others who have started their path to a career in Speech Pathology. Equally close to her heart in passion and skill, is behavior management. Clearly identifying deficits, challenges, and opportunities is a keen skill that makes her exceptionally skilled in working with families 1-on-1 on their path towards greater success with their children. Organizational development in helping SPED departments set up or re-tool comes naturally and clearly to her.

Nikki has helped numerous struggling parents navigate the gauntlet of becoming familiar with the opportunities available that are often otherwise unknown to parents of exceptional children. While some agencies work in a whistle-blower type fashion, Nikki's sole commitment to and intent is in helping struggling parents find answers that will best assist their children on the path to success.

From her youth, Nikki has been an energetic relationship builder and skilled communicator. The only thing possibly shadowing any commitment she has to helping other peoples' kids and their families on their paths towards greater personal and family harmony is helping her own kids develop strong foundations in life.



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