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Our Alternative Education Program (A.E.P.) serves students with significant emotional and/or behavioral issues that impact their learning. The staff and self-contained model of BehaviorRx are committed to addressing the academic and social-emotional needs of Kindergarten through 12th Grade students through a multi-tiered system of instruction and intervention, on your campus. We provide educational and social-emotional learning opportunities in a small, structured environment. BehaviorRx offers personalized and high quality instruction to each student in accordance with their individual education plan. Instruction is geared to each student’s specific learning styles and behavioral needs. The goal of the program is to provide our mutual students with the academic and social skills which will allow them to succeed in the general education environments of their home district or to have the necessary skills for career or college readiness.

Our programs are designed to follow the guidelines set forth through the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) model. The school-wide expectations BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, and BE RESPONSIBLE are taught and modeled on a daily basis within the school. A behavior matrix and reward system is used to clearly define and reward expectations for each day and every area of the building, including behavior during school transportation. Therapy dogs can be included as part of our classroom social-emotional programs*.


Students are determined to be eligible for the Alternative Education Program through the IEP process in their home districts.  BehaviorRx programs are just one option in the continuum of supports, services and placements available to meet a student’s needs.


Academics: Students in our Alternative Education Program have varying levels of academic needs based primarily on the impact of their social/emotional and behavioral challenges. BehaviorRx provides a small classroom setting that allows the staff to address individual student needs. Each classroom team is comprised of a Certified Learning Behavior Specialist, a Certified Teacher Assistant, and is supported by a designated Social Worker and Program Administrator. Curriculum is developed to align to the Common Core State Standards.  Academic benchmark assessments are used for Reading using curriculum-based assessment tools from Pearson’s AimsWeb R-CBM and Achieve 3000 reading comprehension. Math is assessed using AimsWeb M-COMP (computation) and M-CAP (concept application).


Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a fundamental research-driven approach based on the tenets of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, interpersonal skills, and responsible decision-making. SEL reaches beyond the classroom to all aspects of life such as recognizing and managing emotions, solving problems effectively and establishing positive relationships. In BehaviorRx programs, students work on individualized goals aligned to the State of Arizona Social Emotional Learning Standards. These skills are explicitly taught and practiced during intervention time within the classroom by the clinical team. The skills are integrated in academic lessons and reinforced throughout their school day.



BehaviorRx believes all students should be 3-C (Community, Citizenship, College) ready.  All high school students meet with Transition coaches on a weekly basis.  The students are provided the opportunity to pursue academic and/or vocational supports.  The emphasis is placed on accessing appropriate community resources, as determined by the student’s individualized Transition Plan.

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