"The staff member from BehaviorRx impressed me with the many ways he was able to create a positive and inclusive learning environment for our students. He implemented a wide variety of instructional strategies and responded to his students’ diverse needs by using many cognitive, social and emotional developmental tools. He recognized students’ strengths and needs and used positive behavioral support strategies and strengths-based approaches to meet the needs of his students. He was a valuable asset to our district and classroom he worked in."

—  Lisa Goodman, District Coordinator


"My son had been in the Emotionally Disturbed program for about two years due to consistent behavior problems and overall defiance prior to going into a program with staff from BehaviorRx. As a parent, you never want to lose hope, always hoping that one day, that my son would be able to intermingle with the general ed children, and be socially accepted, and not a labeled outcast. During his 5th grade year, I saw major improvement with my son. He was polite, he cared about others feelings, and he also began to care about school. His grades improved, he was mainstreamed into one class, then two, and by the end of the year my son had most of his day in general education. He began to bring friends home, talk on the phone and care about his own appearance. I really feel that if my son never had the opportunity to work with this staff member as his teacher, this goal of regular general education, would have taken a few more years to achieve.”

—  Janet Moore, Parent


"My teacher helped guide me through some really challenging moments and obstacles in my life. He has shown me the power of positivity, and that you should always look at the cup "half full" instead of "half empty". He taught me a ton of strategies on how to cope with stress, anxiety and mental illness. 5 star rating. Thumbs up to you. Thanks for changing my life for the better, and I still think of what you've said to me years ago to this day!"

—  Chris C., Student