Balanced Kids? "Education vs. Entertainment"

What kind of kids are YOU raising? Or, taking it a step further, what kind of 'college freshman' are you raising? "Abbie" finds herself easily paying attention to the teacher and following along with the small and interesting details in her history class, while "Brad" is interested but can't put the pieces together and "Charlie" pretty much has no interest and can only relate a thing or two to TV show's she watched over the summer: 90th, 50th, and 10th percentiles. A, D and F level kids.

If you were to place your kids' Entertainment vs. Education on a teeter-totter, how would it be leveled out? (Bonus question: How would YOU be leveled out as a parent? I would argue that once we have graduated college that we level out as life-long learners, but I'll save that for another post.) Heavily weighed on one side? Ensure that our kids are reading a half hour a day: that's the equivalent of axing 1 TV show. Make it the rule. Make it part of the day. Make your expectations, consequences and rewards of following the 6 year plan clear and concise.

This is just one piece of the puzzle in putting together the puzzle of raising dynamic, exceptional and talented kids and I might go as far as saying that it's a 'corner piece'! Follow along with us and share our mutual journey and passion with your friends, family and educators. #behaviorrx



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