Who's In Charge Around Here?!

Growing up, we think adults rule the world. The youthful (and true) logic would equally and likely go to say that our clear daily conscious decisions control our destinies.


As much as we would like to believe that we are in charge of our lives, our day to day thoughts from when we wake up, to when we get ready, to what we got dressed in, to what we had for breakfast and how we interact with everyone around us all day are all determined by one thing, primarily. Vince Poscente has an incredible argument in his book, The Ant and The Elephant, that although the elephant is an unimaginably massive in scale compared to the ant, its the ant who is in charge. As his analogy gets played out in his book, our subconscious is the ant and our conscious mind is the elephant. Vince proposes that 90% of what we say, think and do on a daily basis is based on the collective summaries of thousands upon thousands of summations of life experiences in our minds- or the ant, and NOT the elephant. No matter what direction the elephant wants to go (our conscious mind) in life, as big, tough and in charge as he may look and we think he is, we are truly being more so controlled by the ant.

What kind of messages did you hear as a youth? Were any messages even shared with you? How do those still echo around today in your mind, despite the years and decades which have passed?

Just today, I walked a young man through a coaching session, who is excited to get into and go through flight school. Despite his vision for friendly skies, he expressed true sentiment that he did not know how we was going to get into school nor pay for it.

Where do these messages come from? Why do we doubt? What could we only achieve if we could believe?

What if the ant and the elephant could sit down, have a heart to heart, draft up a shared vision board and talk about the, ahem, elephants in the room?

The sky is the limit.

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