Clean Slates: La Tabula Rasa & Legos

As much as you might wholeheartedly try to relish the small never-ending task of cleaning up the same toys and messes on a day to day basis, it takes a saint to love it; maybe that's you. For the rest of us who know it is a limited time affair and don't savor the moments as much as we should, there is even more upside to clean spaces.

Have you ever noticed that no sooner than you have the entire game room cleaned up, toys, trinkets, cars, blocks and dolls all organized in a way you feel should qualify you to be featured in "Better Homes & Gardens", what you quickly have instead is a 48 hour Date with Destiny.

Depending on which Wiki or historical book you read, Aristotle seems to be the father of a much cited principle in the field of learning: "tabula rasa", or "blank slate". The analogy goes that our minds are slates, upon which nothing is written at birth, leaving open the argument for "nurture" vs nature, as the principle leader in human growth and development.

You may have noticed the same situation in your home: as soon as the game room is clean, new experiments in physics, construction, engineering and teamwork ensue, which otherwise would never have occurred.

Take heart in the knowledge that one day the small task will be remembered fondly, but equally take courage, to clean yet once again, knowing that the slates of their minds are being forged again and again towards all things great, due to your efforts as a courageous parent.

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