Endurance Athletes and Highjackers

It could be argued that these two groups have zero in common with each other but I would argue otherwise.

Having participated in various endurance cycling events myself, including a recent round completing 100 miles in El Tour de Tuscon, and looking at the history of The 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis, the events of 9/11, or pick any given airline hijacking event in the history of aviation and you will find some commonalities:

1) SOMEONE has a vision of change or reward that is exceptionally higher than others really ever conceive.

2) Detailed plans are laid out, well in advance of events.

3) Deep research into the success and/or misguided steps of others in the past are used to build plans on.

4) Triangulating those detailed plans with others who have the same vision is mandatory.

5) A LOT of time is needed to line up events and windows of time to ensure success of the plan.

If we could consolidate the mindset, thoughts, ideologies and histories of guys like Lance Armstrong or any number of terror focused individuals, we would find that these are all commonly shared steps in taking massive action. In my own life, 12 months of detailed weekly and monthly training lead up to completing El Tour in a 6 hour window of time.

In our own lives, it is no less true: we find ourselves and those around us in positions of admiration, or dishonor, in great part based on the visions, plans, actions, beliefs and influences of those around us.

While 24-7 worldly access to devices, social media and the ills of the world gently 'boil the frog' and hijack our youth, there has never been a greater time and need in making our own plans, to hijack our families and the youth we serve, for GOOD! Take time to envision what success looks like 12, 24, 60 months from now. Sit down with a trusted partner and make detailed plans for the future! Even if they do not materialize 100% or as smoothly as planned, no doubt that the capacity you built will forever change those around you.

At the end, no matter what, we find ourselves (and the youth, who may have never had intentions of 'going the extra mile') in an entirely new location or station in life, all due to the vision, plans and a little work of the collective group of those who wish to see things on a larger scale than most others.

There is no better day than today to get started on derailing yourself, your family and your kiddos onto an entirely different and more elevated plane in life!




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